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Club History

The Joule's Market Drayton Bowling Club is situated in the heart of Market Drayton and very conveniently right behind the Joule's Brewery and Red Lion Tap.

As far as we know the club existed before 1830 as the green is shown on the 1830 tithe map. At that time it was located at the top of Church Street roughly where the British Legion and St Mary's car park are now. In the early 1880's the owner of the land, Sir Corbet Corbet Lord of the Manor of Market Drayton required it for other purposes and offered the club the use of the present site. Sir Corbet also owned the Corbet Arms and much of the adjoining land, the site was once the vegetable garden for the Corbet Arms Hotel. A large heated greenhouse once occupied the whole length of the side where the club house is now located. The club has used this green since 1882, celebrating its 140 year anniversary in June 2022, and it has been in continual use with the exception of the two World Wars.

Market Drayton Bowling Club 1922 Market Drayton Bowling Club 1922 Members

The club was very successful until the Beckett family retired, with about 80 members and 9 teams in the various local leagues. However uncertainty regarding the future of the green resulting from The Corbet Arms changing ownership lead to a gradually diminishing membership. We also lost our water electricity supplies around this time.

Joule’s Brewery came to the rescue with a water supply and we bought a generator sufficient to run the flood lights. In 2015 Joule’s Brewery purchased the green thus ending its 125 years of association with The Corbet Arms. Joule’s Brewery sponsors a great many clubs from differing sports and we look forward to long and successful bowling at one of Shropshire’s oldest greens.

Green Hand Over to Joule's Brewery

It is interesting to note that in 1905 Joule’s Brewery (then based in Stone) owned The Corbet Arms, ran it and supported the club for a good many years and so we have now turned full circle. We also own two pairs of woods of the type used in the 17th century suggesting the club could be a great deal older.

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